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See The Big Picture

(Full Production Overview)

With over 250 different job titles in the multi-media production industry, during this course students will get an introduction to the entire process of creating a film from start to finish and all of the moving parts it takes to make it happen.

The purpose of this course is to provide a full overview of the production process to give students the opportunity to determine which areas of production and life best resonate with them in pursuing a career path.

Program Timeline: 15 weeks

Program Size: 15

Starting February 23, 2022


Acting is a craft that takes skill and personal growth. In this course, students will learn the techniques of improv, scene study, audition preparation, live and on-camera performance.


The purpose of this course is to provide coaching and guidance for discovering the truest self within the person.

Program Timeline: On going 

Program Size: 25

Act Out



The art of storytelling


Writing is know as one of the most respected means for people to share their voices. This program will introduce students to writing techniques in various forms of media, to include screen/film, television, editorial, digital/online, and columns.


The purpose of this course is to provide students with interests in writing careers an opportunity to receive industry standard training, while also developing healthy and effective ways to utilize their voices.

Program Timeline: 11 weeks

Program Size: 15


Cinematography is the art and science of making a movie. In this course, students will learn a variety of different industry-standard cinematographic techniques used to create some of the most awarded films, while learning to value different perspectives in everyday life.

Program Timeline: 11 weeks

Program Size: 15

See the different angle


Sound Production

make the vision clear


Film directing involves an overall view of project development from start to finish. In this course, students will learn artistic expression, as well as people and technical skills.


This course introduces students to the history of film directing, along with the skills and tasks associated with the profession. Emphasis is placed on developing creative visualization, and communicating the vision to others.

Program Timeline: 11 weeks

Program Size: 15


This program provides an introduction to the field of audio production for film, television and music.


Students will learn techniques for recording, editing, mixing and exhibiting film and television sound while also learning different techniques to effective find their unique voice through the use of sound.

Program Timeline: 11 weeks

Program Size: 10

be heard

(audio production)

Key Grip

build your vision

(key grip)

A grip is the member of the production team who develops and builds the production set. Grips work primarily on the complex equipment that supports the cameras and lighting.


During this program students will learn the skills to build production sets while also learning to build their own lives with the tools they are given.

Program Timeline: 11 weeks

Program Size: 15

Post Production

Emphasizing how new technologies continue to impact post-production, this program provides and overview of the post-production process from dailies through delivery. This program will cover each stage of the post-production process and building the post-production team: editors, audio mixers, composers, sound-designers, visual effects artists, and post production management.


The program will be offered through the lens helping students develop opportunities to edit their own story.

Program Timeline: 11 weeks

Program Size: 10

edit the vision, change your story

(post production)

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