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our mission

creating the vision to see the opportunity

Bridge Builders Initiatives (BBI) helps low performing youth within schools and juvenile systems, and adult inmates, by combining industry level multi-media production training and mental health counseling.

We offer programs that allow students to learn skilled trades through the lens of multi-media production. Simultaneously, the program teaches the students to use their innate gifts and creativity to generate opportunity through creative arts therapy.

our approach

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skill development

We teach our students the end-to-end skills required to be successful in multi-media production through a series of training programs offered multiple times a year.

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We partner our students with licensed professionals to help them overcome personal challenges from past traumas and experiences, utilizing workshops and special events.

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We take our students through team building and leadership exercises to grow their knowledge in how to quickly overcome adversities they face throughout their life experiences.

success measures

Creativity is a core aspect of human performance and can be accessed and developed through training, counseling, and coaching.​

We aim to reduce the number of low-performing students in schools, the number of youth on the pathway to prison, and the percentage of inmates that return to prison.

limiting the pathways to prison & poverty pipeline

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