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Bridge Builders Initiatives immerses students in the fundamentals of multi-media production, while providing tools and healthy practices for life through counseling and coaching.


The program focuses on writing techniques, cinematography, directing, and post-production. All programs are led by industry-trained professionals.

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Bridge Builders Initiatives (BBI) helps low performing youth within schools and juvenile systems, and adult inmates, by combining industry level multi-media production training and mental health counseling.

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Your experience and expertise are wanted and needed. Connect with us today to partner with us in changing the lives of young people for the better.

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Your contributions of any magnitude are greatly appreciated and go directly towards supporting our efforts to help young men and women connect vision to opportunity.

“BBI music production program has really helped me learn a lot about the music industry. I learned a lot about producing my own music, being a producer instead of just being an artist. Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of the tools necessary to allow me to start producing.”

Jhikaiden C.

"I gained a lot of experience during the BBI internship. I learned about the 7 stages of productions. I also gained a lot of experience with camera work, producing, and directing. Towards the end of the internship I was offered a contract position with the company.”

Sarah L.

"In my time with BBI I learned everything there is to know about production from start to finish. I was presented with a lot of opportunities to creatively express myself. And after my time was over with the program I was able to become a paid employee.”

India A.

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